A: NATURASTONE stone and quartz slabs are innovative products made by mixing natural granite or quartz aggregate bonded together with an organic amalgam. It's main characteristics are low thickness, impermeability and resistance to wear. The manufacturing process produces a surface which is hard-wearing, natural in appearance and provides versatile design alternatives. The diamond polishing technology used in the finishing process of slab manufacture ensures a long-lasting lustre with minimal maintenance requirements.

Q: Is NATURASTONE better than natural granite ?

A: The advantage of NATURASTONE over natural slab granite is that NATURASTONE has the wonderful attributes of natural stone plus the genius of polymer technology. The result is a highly engineered slab product that has many more use applications than does natural granite. The hairline fault cracks, water absorption and the brittleness that occur in natural granite are overcome in the engineering process of BISAZZASTONE.

Q: What are the Features and Benefits of NATURASTONE ?

A: Here are the main features-

  • Scratch Resistance: - Retains its natural shine and is resistant to chipping and scratching.
  • Heat Resistance: - Resistant to heat for short periods. Accidental placement of hot pans on benchtop surface will not damage surface.To ensure your benchtop retains its beauty, we recommend the use of heat stands for hots and pans.
  • Stain Resistance: - Resists most forms of staining. Spills should be wiped off immediately to ensure your benchtop retains its beautiful appearance.
  • Colours: - NATURASTONE is the fashion accessory for every kitchen. Our colours are the latest in modern kitchen and bathroom design, from the beauty of whites and sand to the ever-popular black.
  • Twelve Year Warranty: - We afford you peace-of-mind with our twelve (12) year manufacturer’s warranty on NATURASTONE products.
  • Diversity of Use: - NATURASTONE can be used on kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity tops, wall cladding, makeovers or retro-fitting over existing surfaces. The 6.5mm thickness of NATURASTONE gives architects and designers unlimited scope of use.

Q: Is NATURASTONE used only on new benchtops ?

A: No. Because NATURASTONE is only 6.5mm thick, it is widely used in kitchen benchtop makeovers. We simply lay the 6.5mm slabs over the top of your existing benchtop surface and edges. This fantastic process overcomes the need to remove or demolish your existing benchtop. We can also lay NATURASTONE over the top of existing splashbacks. Bathroom shower recesses are another use for NATURASTONE 6.5mm slabs. The slabs are overlayed on top of the shower recess tiles.

Q: Where is NATURASTONE on display for me to see it ?

A: In our showroom. Please phone to arrange.

Q: Does NATURASTONE cost more than natural granite or other engineered stone or quartz slabs ?

A: NATURASTONE is very reasonably priced when compared to other solid surface products.We offer obligation-free quotations on any project you may have in mind, whether it is a completely new kitchen or a makeover of your existing kitchen. You may wish to just install a new benchtop or do a makeover of your existing benchtop. 

Q: Can I have a bullnose edge finish with my NATURASTONE benchtop ?

A: NATURASTONE benchtops come with the modern square edge finish. Most architects and interior designers now request the square-edge finish.